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Ironback Air Rower

Ironback Air Rower

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If you’re looking to burn calories, tone your entire body and get a serious cardio hit, then the Horizon Air Rowing Machine is just what you need for your home or PT studio gym. Offering a low-impact, high-intensity workout, this machine comes with a smart flywheel design providing a flawlessly smooth rowing stroke while giving you total control over resistance levels. The ergonomic design includes a comfortable, non-slip handle, moulded seat padding and adjustable footrests. Requiring only a 20-30 minutes assembly, you’ll be rowing in no time!



  • Resistance System : Magnetic air control system
  • Resistance Level : 16-segment resistance system
  • Resistance Adjustment System : Panel adjustment, handle wireless adjustment
  • Pedal Adjustment : Pedal length 6 level adjustment
  • Slide Material : Stainless steel slides are smoother
  • Heart Rate Monitoring : Wireless heart rate test
  • Screen : 7 inch LCD Blue Screen
  • Folding Size : 1300*450*1800mm
  • Machine Size : 2350*450*1000mm
  • Folding Movement : Foldable front wheel movement
  • Weight : 50kg
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