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Multifunctional Smith Machine

Multifunctional Smith Machine

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The most compact multi-station Smith machine that has all of the functions you need. Includes Free Weight Smith Machine, Free Weight Half Rack, Cable Row, and full functional trainer in a truly space-efficient footprint that’s only 1.7m deep including the spotter bars.


  • Smith machine for Olympic plates with safety catch hooks & height-adjustable safety stops
  • Half rack with height-adjustable J hooks and spotter bars
  • 2x height-adjustable functional trainer stations with 2x single handles included
  • Seated cable row station with footplates
  • Removable height-adjustable dips station
  • Leg pad for lat pulldowns on the functional trainer station included
  • Core trainer landmine to suit Standard and Olympic barbells with V bar handle included
  • Pullup bar with angled wide grips
  • Max training load: 200kg
  • Ultra-smooth dual guide rod plate loading carriage to suit Olympic plates
  • 6x plate storage pins to suit Olympic plates
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 170cm x 196cm x 220cm
  • Powder-coated matte black finish
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