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Flat Bench

Flat Bench

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Flat bench helps build many muscles in the upper body. You can do this exercise with either a barbell or dumbbell. Perform bench presses regularly as part of an upper-body workout for increased strength and muscle development.


  • Compound exercise that involves the pectoralis major of the chest, the anterior deltoids of the shoulder, and the triceps brachii of the upper arm.
  • It builds strength as well as encourages the growth (hypertrophy) of these muscles.
  • Muscle growth is not only desired by bodybuilders but also provides benefits for everyone as muscle mass typically declines with age.
  • functional exercise that helps you more easily perform daily activities that require pushing or carrying.
  • help restore muscle balance for athletes who primarily usepulling muscless includings wrestlers, rock climbers, and swimmers.
  • competitive lifting feel for sport of powerlifting, the other two being the deadlift and squat.

Product Specs:

  • Name :Flat bench
  • Product size(LxWxH):1288*481*398mm
  • Product weight :23KG
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