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Rugby Package 2

Rugby Package 2

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Product Inclusions:

  • MULTI TRAINER - The most compact multi-station Smith machine that has all of the functions you need. Includes Free Weight Smith Machine, Free Weight Half Rack, Cable Row, and full functional trainer in a truly space-efficient footprint that’s only 1.7m deep including the spotter bars.
  • IRON BACK RIG - The team at Ironback identified where traditional scrum training machines fell short of optimising an athlete’s training and resolved these issues. The Ironback machines are suitable for athletes of all levels of skill.
  • IRONBACK BLACK BUMPER PLATE (150kg) - Ironback Black Bumper Plates made of solid rubber with chemically bonded 10mm steel inserts. Low bounce and excellent durability. Black hard-core styling. Ironback Black Bumper Plates allow you to safely drop any load from the waist, chest, or even overhead without risking injury to yourself or your equipment.
  • FLAT BENCH - Flat bench helps build many muscles in the upper body. You can do this exercise with either a barbell or dumbbell. Perform bench presses regularly as part of an upper-body workout for increased strength and muscle development.
  • OLYMPIC BARBELL #1094 - This top-of-the-line multipurpose barbell features a Cerakote shaft with either Cherakote or hard chrome coated sleeves.  This is Suitable for Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting, this balanced hybrid bar provides the right amount of whip or flex for fluid movement through your lift. Smash your daily workouts and hit your PR with this top-rated bar.
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