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XV-6018 Glute Ham Developer

XV-6018 Glute Ham Developer

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The GHD is a versatile piece of equipment designed for busy commercial use. The GHD can be used in one of two ways: face down to work on the posterior chain or face up to work on the core. Elevating the lifter and increasing the range of motion adds significantly to the value and difficulty of both GHD exercises.

The GHD was designed to be easier to use during quick workouts, with a kneepad to aid in quick machine mounting and dismounting.


  • Knee pad (removable) for ease of entry/exit and to relieve pressure between the selves
  • 10 horizontal and 6 vertical foot roller adjustments, for a total of 60 possible foot positions
  • Upgraded frame construction with wider beams and thicker steel
  • Welding replaces bolts at critical junction points, improving stability and durability.
  • GHD sit-ups benefit from knurled handles with an angled design for improved clearance and safety.
  • Upgraded wheels/wheel brackets and a knurled carry handle improve machine mobility.
  • Cross beam step with grip tape for added security
  • Band pegs are included.
  • Wheels are oriented forward to facilitate wheel movement.
  • Upholstery that is grippy and non-slip.
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